Privacy Policy

NapTech Labs Ltd manages and protects the data we collect from our blogs, apps, and other digital software products and services (collectively, our "Services") in accordance with this privacy statement.

Information obtained by us:

We gather information when you send it to us, when you interact with others, and when you use the products. We can also obtain information from other sources concerning you. The details that you give us: When you sign up, contact us directly, or use the services, you may decide to give us information, including:

  • Contact details, including name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address.
  • User account information, including username, nickname, password, and profile image.
  • Demographic statistics, including your name, gender, and country of origin.
  • Contacts from your device's address book and social media profiles.
  • Transaction details that our payment processors receive as you make payments.
  • Correspondence you are submitting to us.

Communications among others:

When you talk to other people or share information with them through the Services, such as by uploading images or sending them voice or text messages, we may be able to read and store the contents of those conversations and relevant information, unless doing so is against the law. You agree that we can collect, store, and share the data and information you give us or that we get from other sources as long as we follow this privacy policy, the terms of service, and the end user license agreement.

Usage of the Services:

When you use our Services, we collect information about you, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address and other identifiers that are assigned to your device and application when you use the Services, your browser type, browser version, browser language settings, operating system, device name and type, MAC address, and other device identifiers, information from your device, such as information on and from your hard drive and other storage resources, your central processing unit (CPU), and other information from your device. You can get location information from your device's GPS signal, Bluetooth connections, nearby WiFi networks, and other similar information. Your IP address may also be used to determine your location.

Information we get from other sources:

We may get information about you from sources that are available to the public or for sale (if the law allows it), which we may combine with other information we get from or about you. We may also receive information from third-party social networking services when you or other users choose to connect to these services.

How the information is used by us:

We can use, record, systematize, store, update or change, retrieve, remove, or otherwise process your information in the following ways, either by hand or by computer:
Our payment processors use payment information when it's necessary to carry out purchases or when the law lets them. We can also use the information we gather to:
Provide the facilities, goods, and information needed, including technical assistance and answers to your inquiries or feedback. Depending on what you choose, we'll send you newsletters, push updates, text messages, reminders, and other messages about our products and the products of third-party suppliers. By using the services or third-party platforms and services that work with your choices, you can change and customize the content and ads you see. Link the different devices you can use to track how people are using the services, set up ads, and provide and improve the services in other ways. Users who create or use hacks or cheats to get an advantage over other service users will be helped by the police to look into and fix these practices, as well as to follow our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement. Polls, surveys, and studies can be used to help analyze, create, and improve programs and new goods and services.
The legal basis of NapTech Labs is required to process information for:

  • NapTech Labs has good reasons to do what it does, such as those listed above and what is needed to provide the Services.
  • Compliance with the legal obligations of NapTech Labs.
  • NapTech Labs and the user's compliance with the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.
  • Compliance with legal obligations and exercise of legal rights
  • Where applicable, on the basis of the user's consent, which can be revoked at any time by contacting us, without affecting the legality of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. We rely on consent for certain advertising purposes, the use of specific cookies in the collection of precise geolocation data, the combination of data across devices, and international transfers of personally identifiable information. Refer to your options for details on how to provide or withdraw your consent.

Exchange of information

We subject ourselves to the following situations as we share the details we collect:

Business Associates:

We share information with third-party vendors and service providers like payment processing and gateway firms, platform services, game developers, game publishers, customer care services, cloud storage and hosting providers, social media companies (who may collect information while you use the Services or when you link the Services to your social media accounts), and analytics. For more information on these company partners, please contact us.

Other Users:

Your identity, including your username and any images you may share, and information about your actions on the Services can be available to other users of the Services or to third-party sites and services. For example, your game stats, ratings, and profile information may be seen by other users of the services and, if you want to connect to social media sites such as Facebook, by users of such sites.

Legal Reasons:

We may share your information with third parties if we think it's required by law or if regulators or law enforcement officials tell us to. We may disclose your information to protect NapTech Labs ' rights or property, including the enforcement of our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement, among other things, or where we believe there is an emergency that poses a risk to the public's health or safety, or where we believe there is an emergency that poses a risk to your health or safety.

Corporate Transactions:

If NapTech Labs is involved in a business deal, like a merger, an acquisition by another company, a sale of assets, or even the unlikely case of bankruptcy, we may give your information to the new company.
It is done with your consent. We may share information for any other reason we tell you about when we get it or if you give us permission.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

When you use our services or interact with emails from us, we and our third-party business partners can collect and store information about how you use them. These technologies include cookies, pixel tags, local storage, and other similar tools.
Cookies are small files that are created automatically and stored on your computer when you visit a website. Pixel tags are very small images or small bits of data that are embedded in images. They can get information from your browser about cookies, the time and date you visit a page, a summary of the page where the pixel tag is, and other similar things. Pixel tags are also called "internet beacons" or "clear GIFs." Local storage, except that it can store larger amounts of information and can be stored elsewhere on your device, is similar to a cookie.
For the following functions and purposes, we use cookies and similar technologies (collectively, "cookies"):

Analytics and Research

In order to collect information on how visitors use our services, we use analytics and research cookies, including to determine the total number of individuals using our services and the types of devices they use. We might use the information to put together reports with aggregated and de-identified information and to help make our services better.


These cookies help us identify our users so that you can fully enjoy the services and features when you sign in. These cookies are essential and cannot be blocked if you want to use the services.

Service Features and Performance

We use cookies to collect information about how our services operate. We may use the information to compile reports and help improve the services.

Security and Service Integrity

We use security-based cookies to help ensure the safety of our services. We may use information obtained from security and service integrity cookies to identify, among other things, possible fraudulent or abusive activities, to enforce our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement, and to protect the safety of our users. These cookies are essential and cannot be blocked if you want to use the services.


We use advertising cookies to optimize the advertisements shown to you on the services and on third-party websites and services.
We allow third parties, including our analytics vendors, advertising networks, and other advertising service providers, to gather information about your use of the services through your apps and your multiple devices using cookies and similar technologies. These third parties may use this information to view advertising on our websites and elsewhere online through a variety of sites and services customized to your interests, preferences, and characteristics. For this reason, you will monitor the use and disclosure of knowledge through your choices.

Your Choices

Play Toony gives you a number of ways to control how your information is used and shared, such as:

Communications by email:

If you don't want to get commercial emails from us, you can unsubscribe by following the steps in our emails. Please note that you can still get messages about your account, your purchases, and other service-related things even if you have chosen not to get commercial emails.

Data for Geolocation:

Through the settings on your device, you can keep an eye on how your precise geolocation data is collected and whether or not it is shared with third parties. Please note that you will need to change more than just your location permissions if you don't want to share your exact location. If you choose not to give us accurate geolocation information, we may still be able to figure out where you are based on your IP address and other information we collect. Please check your computer settings for more details.

Similar technologies and cookies:

By changing your web browser settings, you can reject or disable cookies. Since each web browser is different, please look in the "help" section of your web browser for instructions. Please keep in mind that you will need to take extra steps to reject or turn off local storage and similar technologies. For example, Adobe Local Shared Objects can be managed by following the steps on the Adobe Setting Manager page. In some cases, deleting your browser's cookies can cancel your interest-based advertising options. If you choose to block, disable, or remove cookies and other similar technologies, you might not be able to use any of the services' features anymore.

Signals and similar tools should not be tracked.

Some web browsers can send "do not track" signals to the websites that the user visits. Currently, Naptech Games is not taking action in response to these signals.

Interest-Based Advertising:

You can't turn off all ads, but you can choose whether or not you get interest-based ads over time and on different devices based on what you do online and what you like. You can choose not to get interest-based ads from companies that are part of self-regulatory groups like the Network Advertising Initiative (US), the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), the EDAA (EU), and the DAAC (Canada) by following the instructions on their websites. You will also need to opt out of interest-based ads on your mobile device or via the mobile application if you are using a mobile app. Check the settings on your computer and mobile app for more detail. Please note that when you opt out, your opt-out option will apply only to the browser and computer that you are using.

Other Game and Device Permissions:

You may be able to change your privacy settings within the services or your system permissions for push alerts, address book sharing, and other details or functions. For more details, please check the settings for the services and your computer. To stop a Naptech Games game from collecting information, you can uninstall it using the standard uninstall process on your computer or through the software marketplace or network where you got the game.

Data Rights and Withdrawing Consent:

Depending on the laws in your country, you may be able to ask for access to, change, block, port, copy, or remove your information. You may also be able to ask us to stop using your information or delete your account, or you may be able to withdraw or change the scope of your consent. If you take back your permission, we won't use your information for certain things, but it won't change how we use the information that was already protected by your permission. If you ask us in a reasonable way, we will move your data where it is technically possible and required by law. You might not be able to use the services or any of their features if you ask to withdraw your consent, limit or stop processing your information, or delete your account or information. Please contact us in order to exercise your rights consistent with applicable law.


Without permission from a parent or unless the law allows it, we don't collect personal information from children under the age of 13 (or whatever age is set by the law).

How We Protect Information and How Long We Secure Information

We keep your information safe by using physical, electronic, organizational, and procedural safeguards that are reasonable and right for the job. Even though we take reasonable steps to keep data from being lost, misused, or accessed by people who shouldn't, we can't guarantee the security of any storage system or data transmission over the internet. The information we get will only be kept for as long as it makes sense for the purposes listed above, unless the law says otherwise.

International Data Transfer

Because of what this privacy policy says, the information we get from you may be sent to countries other than the one you live in. You agree that Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Russia, and Latin America may not have the same level of privacy protection as your home country, and you agree to the transfer of your data to these countries for processing in accordance with their privacy laws. These transfers are necessary for us to offer our services and follow the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.

Alterations to this Privacy Policy

We can change this privacy policy at any time. If we do, we will notify you before the changes take effect by posting the new policy on the Services or in another legally permissible manner. Any amendments to this privacy policy, as set out in the notice of such changes, will take effect after a reasonable period of time.

Contact Us

The privacy of your information and its protection are of the utmost importance. If you have any queries or issues regarding this privacy statement or our information policies for the specific Play Toony Service, the data controller in charge of your information, please contact us at